Welcome to UTW Tire Collection Services!

UTW is a Texas based corporation specializing in scrap tire removal and disposal.   UTW services a wide territory with our wholly owned transportation division, UTW Transportation, LLC. Our designated fleet of trucks and trailers are licensed in Texas and permitted to pick up and haul your scrap tires for processing.  UTW is very active in illegal tire pile cleanup projects. We have the equipment, personnel and experience necessary to remove illegal scrap tire piles.

Great service and honoring our commitments has brought UTW a mix of demands for tire disposal from landfills to municipal authorities, plagued by dumped tires.   We will custom tailor a program to fit your needs based on your location and area scrap tire market. Our coverage area is managed by two facilities in South Texas.  Call us with your tire problem. We can work with you to safely, properly and legally remove your tires for disposal.  We are certain we will save you money and help you achieve more security in your tire disposal program. Our fleet is available, flexible and ready.   We’re not just interested in quoting your business, we want to earn your business!